Our first video on the Prym Bobbin Ring :-)

Prym Bobbin Ring

Well, shockingly we have released our first product demo video on one of our favourite products – the Prym Bobbin Ring.

I have always loved this Bobbin Ring, owning four myself, and knew it was going to be a ‘must’ for the shop when we opened last year and so it was one of the very first videos that we filmed last summer.  OK, so my son Sam has only filmed me in about five videos thus far, but that’s the first of many (although that may be five too many).  I’m not sure filming me is a good or bad thing (Hollywood is still possibly quite safe), but I know it’s sometimes far easier to see things in action rather than just try and work out what’s what from product descriptions.

Anyway, I hope you like our very first video, and if you’d like to own your very own bobbin ring, pop into the shop or order online here.

See you next time,

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