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FMQ Sampler Quilt

I often get asked for ideas for Free Motion Quilting. Alternatively, I hear very regularly that people are worried about learning FMQ because they’re “not creative” (their words, not mine).

The thing is, you don’t need to be particularly creative for successful FMQ. All you need to know is a few designs and you can decide what design goes in the different sections of your quilt, and Bob’s your Uncle!

If you need to fill in large areas then you need meandering designs such as stippling, swirls or leaves.

If you have small areas to fill in then you can look at pebbles or a small orange peel or flower.

Borders are great places for herringbones and serpentines.

There are loads of resources available online – Pinterest is rich with Free Motion Quilting design ideas.

Pinterest definitely has its place, but I do like my books. So a couple of books that I would definitely recommend to give you ideas and how to tackle your quilt are:

Shape By Shape: Free Motion Quilting by Angela Walters. Perfect for showing you what FMQ design to put in a particular shape on your quilt, and then shows you a) how to build that design and b) the different variations you could do.

Shape By Shape 2 – again by Angela Walters. This time Angela talks more about how to break down a quilt into small shapes, and how to tackle borders.

First Steps to Free Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli – this one has a bunch of starter projects in it too which will help inspire you.

There are plenty of books and You Tube videos out there but as it can be overwhelming when you’re getting started, the above three books are my definite first steps (and are still my “go to” books). The trouble with Pinterest I find is that I save loads of pics, then I never go back to them when I’m sat there trying to decide on my quilting designs. It’s probably just me, but I’m an old fashioned girl at heart!.

And if you need a more personal touch with your FMQ then our next course on Beginner’s Free Motion Quilting starts this Saturday morning. Don’t be scared – I’ll have you addicted in no time 😉

Happy quilting,

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