Onwards and Upwards for PWS

If you didn’t get our newsletter a couple of weeks ago, you’ll have missed out on a rather large change of direction for PWS.

After much agonising, many (very many) sleepless nights and heart rending decision making, I had to come to the very sad decision to close the shop for a while (fear not though…do read on!).  It costs a small fortune to keep a shop open, and that’s before anyone walks in the door, and we just weren’t taking enough to keep the shop open.  It’s ended up causing me no end of stress financially (not great for my health), and I do have to make the right decision for the business, however much I loved and adored being there.

BUT – all is not lost, this is just a side step!

Firstly, our workshops and classes are going great guns, and these are definitely not going to stop.  Instead, whilst we look for a new permanent home (with parking!), we are diverting them to local village halls / studios / dining rooms / garden sheds (maybe not the garden sheds).  This means that we a) get more space b) have parking right outside – yay! and c) if you’re lucky, the village hall will be right next to where you live 🙂  You’ll need to keep a close eye on the website, our Facebook page and booking emails to ensure you know where you are going for your course or workshop.

Secondly, all our fabric and haberdashery will still be available.  The online shop is well established and you can order online at any time.  For my regular customers and course attendees, you can still come and touch, feel and see the fabric in the flesh (as it were).  I know how important it is to actually see and feel the fabric to make sure it’s exactly what you want, so it will all be available by appointment only – all you have to do is call me on 01989 601308 or send me a Facebook message to arrange to come and see it (it is all currently in Gorsley, so not far outside of Ross).

A box of haberdashery items and threads will follow Andrea and me around to classes.  And you will still be able to pay by either cash or card.  If you need anything specific, make sure you give us a few days notice and we’ll make sure we bring it to your class for you.

Sewing Machine servicing will still be available as normal.  If you are on a course, then just leave your sewing machine with Andrea or myself and we’ll book it in as normal.  If you’re not on a course, please call me on 01989 601308 to arrange collection.

Future Plans

Actually, moving away from the shop means that I can start investing into more fabrics and gives me the freedom to move forward on some very exciting plans I have for the next few months (somewhat hush hush for now).  So, although it is very sad to say an “adieu” to our little shop, I think it will end up heralding a giant “hello” to a much more exciting future.

As one of my course ladies (now friend) and I were saying – friendship does not need bricks and mortar.  Oh how true are those words: it has been an absolute privilege to be in the shop and receive all the love, support and friendship (and many, many laughs) you have brought to the shop and to the business, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.  This very special warm and friendly community that you are very much part of will continue to grow and thrive, just without a bricks and mortar home for a while.  Love, friendship and fun (not to mention the fab sewing!) do not need walls.

See you all next time,

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