Many Congratulations!

We were delighted when one of our very own, Helen – who made the Ship in the shop (Shop Ship?!)  – recently won the Aurofil prize in the European Patchwork Awards for her stunning “A Walk In The Woods” quilt.   You can see the other entries here.

Ginny (from Friday Sewcial) and I saw it come to life earlier this year, from original concepts through to finished piece.  We loved it from the start and had every faith that a) it would be accepted into the international exhibition and b) that it would win something.  We’re SOOOO thrilled that the judges thought the same as we did.

Ginny and I are obviously slightly (only slightly!) envious at the case of Aurofil threads that Helen has won (there was much cooing by us last Friday when we saw it), but we are so delighted for her and look forward to seeing the next exhibition piece emerge from Helen’s sketch books.

Fabulously done Helen and justly deserved 🙂


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